DMEC - Maintenance & Turn Around

DMEC undertakes short and long-term contracts. Work on a 24-hour call on basis including plant turnarounds. We are specialist for:-

  • Electrical troubleshooting of industrial, commercial and residential systems and maintenance.
  • Maintenance of Fire & Gas systems such as Fire, Gas, Smoke, Heat detection in industrial, commercial and residential applications.
  • Switch Gear and motor starter maintenance including high voltage equipment.
  • SCADA and RTU maintenance.
  • PLC maintenance and troubleshooting including installation and program changes.
  • Load monitoring and power-factor corrector recommendations.
  • Thermo-graphic surveys of Switchgear and motor starters (qualitative).
  • Variable Frequency Drive unit installation and maintenance.
  • Switchboards and VFD�s (Variable Frequency Drive) repair and commissioning.
  • Control valve maintenance and repairs.
  • Safety Valves seat lapping & repairs. (Including Pop-up test)
  • Maintenance and repair of all types of analyzers including chromatographs, air-demand, stack emissions, O2, CO, CO2, PH, N2 and H2S analyzers.
  • Planning of yearly turnaround work and co-ordination.
  • Purchasing and upkeep of spare part inventories. (For Annual Long/ Long Term Contracts)

DMEC Maintenance Division undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) and other related services such as Duct Cleaning, Retro-fitting, Equipment Up gradation / replacement, HVAC equipment rental on short-term or long-term basis.

Our Major Maintenance packages Includes
  • Complete Facility Management (FM) including Hard & Soft Services
  • Custom Built Packages (HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing)
  • Operations & Maintenance of Complete MEP & Air-conditioning Services
  • Preventive /Predictive Maintenance Program and Emergency / Reactive Maintenance Program
  • 24/7 Emergency Response Services

We offer 3 ranges of maintenance packages depending on your requirements. All our packages feature include different levels of inspection and maintenance. All the services included in each package are listed individually.

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Our Services Includes:
1).Installation of complete air conditioning systems including AHUs, FCUs, & fresh air ducts.
2).All kinds of split and package units.Read more

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Design, Supply, Installation, Testing commissioning of:
1).Complete Sub- Station Equipment Installation (upto 11 kV).
2).In House System Design & DetailRead more

Fire Alarm & Security Systems
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Design, Supply, Installation, Testing commissioning of :
1).Close Circuit CCTV camera systems.
2).Wireless ultra long range CCTV & monitoring systems. (Upto 250KM)Read more

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Design, Supply, Installation, Testing commissioning of:
1).Complete In House Design Capabilities on Package such as (In Tools, AUTODESK).Read more

Maintenance & Turnaround
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Our Services Includes:
1).Electrical troubleshooting.
2).Maintenance of Fire & Gas systems.
3).Switch Gear and motor starter maintenance.Read more