DEMC - Elecrical Services

Our Services Includes Design + Supply + Installation + Testing commissioning of the following systems

  • Complete Sub- Station Equipment Installation (upto 11 kV)
  • In House System Design & Detail Engineering Capability (ETAP)
  • Power Transformers (upto 25MVA), Ring Main Unit, RTU etc.,
  • Power Control Center, Motor Control Center, Feeder Panels etc.,
  • Variable Frequency Drives, Capacitor Panels, UPS, Battery Bank, etc.,
  • Custom Built Lighting & Power Distribution Board.
  • Power Cabling, MV Termination & Splicing
  • Power Diesel Generators, Large Pumps, Compressors & other Rotating Equipment
  • Indoor & Street Lighting systems (Auto Control)
  • Earthing & Lighting Protection systems
  • Power Bus Risers & Ducts
  • Relay Co-ordination of all power systems
  • Load Study & Recommendations.
We also offer:
  • Power Up gradation including demolition of existing system with Zero Downtime.
  • Trained & certified people for the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment in Hazardous Areas.
  • Provision of Electricians for maintenance, installation & commissioning activities as required.
  • Construction packages rework and termination includes earth testing.
  • Problem identification, repair and recommendation for pro-active maintenance activities.
  • Specialist knowledge on industrial projects for material selection and procurement.
  • Removal of redundant equipment of all phases of the project.

DEMC Services

  • HVAC

    Our Services Includes
    1).Installation of complete air conditioning systems including AHUs, FCUs, & fresh air ducts.
    2).All kinds of split and package units.

  • Electrical

    Design , Supply , Installation , Testing commissioning of
    1).Complete Sub- Station Equipment Installation (upto 11 kV).
    2).In House System Design & Detail

  • Fire alarm & Security Systems

    Design , Supply , Installation , Testing commissioning of :
    1).Close Circuit CCTV camera systems.
    2).Wireless ultra long range CCTV & monitoring systems. (Upto 250KM)

  • Automation

    Design , Supply , Installation , Testing commissioning of:
    1).Complete In House Design Capabilities on Package such as (In Tools, AUTODESK).

  • Maintenance & Turnaround

    Our Services Includes
    1).Electrical troubleshooting.
    2).Maintenance of Fire & Gas systems.
    3).Switch Gear and motor starter maintenance.